A Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to produce and edit content on a web site. A CMS enables you, the site owner, to take control of your content and not have to go to an IT person every time you want to change the content on your website.

There are a variety of CMS systems available but we use and recommend DotNetNuke (DNN) and Umbraco, two of the worlds most widely used and respected open-source CMS applications for the Microsoft platform. Both are highly customisable and "skinnable" - meaning that you aren't locked into a rigid layout and your designers can still work their magic.

A CMS allows non-technical content contributors to quickly and inexpensively :

  • add/edit/delete pages. This includes modifications of text and images, control over menus and so forth.
  • modify pages for SEO requirements.Easily inject Google Analytics tracking codes or similar content in a specific location on every web page.
  • perform all day to day functions that you would expect from a content editor

... through a standard web browser with no IT support. Users add or upgrade web page functionality by quickly and easily installing software add-ons. Other "out of the box" features include :

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Content Approval workflows - this means that "unapproved" content cannot be accidentally posted on your website, you can use the built-in workflow engine to ensure that only approved content makes it onto the web.  

Document Management - a full document management solution allows you to store, control, and view documents online. Video and media files are supported.

As developers, we can write custom "plug-ins" or "modules" that are designed to interact with the DNN framework so that your custom business requirements can be met, but YOU retain control over the look of the site, and the content.  

In addition, there are some thousands ready-made modules that can be purchased for the these CMSs, including blog engines, wikis, article libraries and many, many others, so it is highly likely that we can have your new web application up and running in no time by using pre-fabricated components!

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