Sabukat Technologies

Our Services

Expert technology skills and advice that will help deliver the highest possible ongoing returns on your IT investment

You cannot have an online component of a business without access to expert technology advice.

Not sure if a technology solution is appropriate for your particular needs? Our staff will analyse the situation and advise you accordingly. We won't over-engineer a solution or try to force a trendy technology onto a problem that does not need it. If technology isn't the right solution for your problem, we'll tell you so.

Custom Software Development

Providing bespoke software solutions is our core business. We have extensive experience in most major database platforms, Windows and Linux platforms, cloud computing and MS Office applications.


Cloud Applications & eCommerce

From small websites to large and complex eCommerce sites with B2B APIs, payment gateways with major banks, PayPal, third party software and crypto-currencies


Content Management Systems

Make 90% of everyday changes without the need for outside help with our flexible CMS. It's free, extensible and programmable if you need extra functionality.


Integration and Automation

Automating repetitive tasks is a cost saving for any business, and automated integration with business partners is one of the fastest growing areas of modern commerce.